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Jessica Pechet


Jessica is a professional photographer who has worked in NYC, London, Paris, Sydney, and Los Angeles. When she isn’t snapping photos she’s busy working with One Beauty Brands as co-owner and creative director.
Her work has been featured for Fashion, Flare, Lou Lou, Revlon and countless campaigns in the Canadian Market.    She works with the students on session styling, set etiquette, wardrobe and other film and photography elements.

"Deciding to train at the Alberta Academy of Aesthetics was a simple decision, the staff were very friendly and helpful. The school offers the most in terms of practical and theory knowledge of a wide range of aesthetic services in the province. I found the training excellent and the standards high. I felt very good about my transition into my new career upon graduation.

I have never had a problem finding a job as a Beauty Therapist as the possibilities of work are endless. I have had successful work experiences in resort spas, cosmetic companies, full service spas and presently as an educator."
Tiffany D.